Alpha Class XG-1 Star Wing


  Picture by Chris Boudreaux 

Model: Alpha Class XG-1 Star Wing

Manufacturer: Cygnus Spaceworks

Designation: Assault Starfighter/Gunboat

Length: 15 meters

Crew: 1

Cargo Capacity: 50 kilograms

Consumables: 1 week

Hyperdrive Multiplier: x1

Speed: 90 MGLT

Hull: 28 RU

Shields: 100 SBD

Special Features: Five wing design adjustable to various conditions.

Weapons: 2 Laser Cannons, 2 Ion Cannons and 2 Concussion Missile Launchers.


After the development of the beautiful Lambda Class T-4a Imperial Shuttle, the Empire awarded Cygnus Spaceworks a contract to develop an assault fighter. The Alpha XG-1 Star Wing was the result. Due to its unique five-wing design, the Star Wing, or Assault Gunboat is at home in either vacuum or atmosphere. The wing design can easily adjust to many conditions, thanks in part to a revolutionary computer system by Miradyne.

The Star Wing was designed for offensive strike missions against convoy craft and fleet vessels. Its fire power and heavy shielding make it ideal for escort roles as well, and as an assault vehicle in conjunction with an assault transport, it is unmatched. Because of its fast hyperdrive the Gunboat also perform scouting duties for larger capital ships or entire ship lines.

The Star Wing became quite popular among its pilots and production grew to the point where most Imperator Class Star Destroyers were equipped with five Assault Gunboats. The Assault Gunboat was also the base design for the Gamma Class XM-1 Missile Boat which would play a vital role in the year or so before the Battle of Endor against the Imperial traitor Admiral Zaarin.