Imperial Navy Ship Database


Over 27 years has past since the Rebel victory at Yavin. The New Republic has ruled the galaxy for many years, hunting down Imperial remnants and battling fanatic warlords. The Republic still tries to bring freedom back to the vast number of planets once terrorized by the evil Galactic Empire. But the Empire is far from defeated. Now led by a new well organized Imperial Order and with the help of the dreaded Imperial Starfleet, the Empire has gained a firm grip on nearly two thirds of the known galaxy. Even the galactic core has fallen back in the hands of the Empire and like many other sectors the galactic core is undergoing a firm and extensive Imperialization.


The reason for the Empire's latest victories and the Republic's vain efforts to withstand them are not only to be found in the very limited funds of the New Republic military, but also in the growing Imperial arsenal as well. The Imperial Starfleet has never before had so many ship designs to choose from and Imperial research and development has seen prosperous days in the past months. No mater what the Imperial Navy's goals and objectives are, they always have the perfect ship for the task.


In the heart of the Empire, on the planet Coruscant, a holonet database is located containing extensive information on the growing Imperial war machine. It is a place frequently visited by prominent military leaders as well as simple Imperial Starfleet crewmen, who continuously battle the Republic with their lives at risk for the glory of the Galactic Empire...



















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